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New Year Greetings from Cornwall.

1989 God ‘called us’ from our secure nest, to run a Christian retreat centre in Cornwall, leaving our much loved home, family and friends. We witnessed an incredible outpouring of the Holy Spirit, with signs, wonders and miracles. Folk poured in – we were totally inexperienced. It HAD to be God!!

6 years later, having retired from Trelowarren, whilst at New Wine we received a new call, born from pain, repentance and heart break. This was for the whole county of Cornwall, for people to return to Him, to intercede for their area, and become a network of praying groups, seeking God’s face, and bringing Him pleasure. This now spreads from Lands End to the Tamar. It HAD to be God!!

Yes, we ARE in business... God’s business – David changed his employer – to the greatest imaginable! He does the ‘Directing’, David the ‘Implementing,’ and I have dreams and visions. One dream of an army of young folk, the ‘Emerging Generation’ bringing spiritual transformation, is becoming a reality. It is awesome, exciting!

Why Cornwall? He knows the burning passion and massive fire in my heart and zeal to see Revival in my County. God is passionate about us – what of my passion for Him?

A new year? – an ‘old sign’


1. Stop – Draw aside – spend time in His presence.

2. Look – Look around and give thanks and praise.

3. Listen- What is He saying to me? Am I listening?

An old Cornishman wrote ‘My desire is to walk with my Lord; to meditate on His word, and to talk to Him in prayer. It would be great to hear God say at the end of the journey ‘Nothing between’ ’. This has become my prayer.

Eph:3.20 ‘God is able to do immeasurably more than we ask or imagine’ Every blessing..