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Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit – you choose (Proverbs 18:21)

Your words have power. Speaking well is really important.

Proverbs is a remarkable document. What is this collection of sayings doing in the scripture and what might it have to say to us? God the creator reigns. His words create. He has made us in his image to be rulers and priests. These sayings are describing what it looks like for junior rulers to make life work according to the maker’s instructions. The hero is a character called wisdom. Wisdom reveals God – how life flows when it lines up with how he set it up to flourish. Wisdom is embodied in Jesus - if you want to know what it looks like when it is perfectly lived out look at Jesus. They said of Jesus – We have never heard anyone speak like this (John 7:46). Proverbs speaks of words more than any other subject (well apart from wisdom).

There is talk of hate speech. Words have power. They can kill. There are reports of social media speech – abbreviated, faceless speech. Lol.

But words, if the heart is correctly loaded, can give life. Love is the fuel that propels words with the force for life. If you know you are loved you won’t use words to secure yourself and win the approval of others. You will not use words to crush. You will not use words to distort the way things are and to your own advantage. You are free and empowered to love through words. For words to be rescued and to be good news it needs the Spirit in the mix then people can hear good news in their own language.

So take care with words. Be big with words. Love with words.

Today, where can you remake the world with words? Why not try blessing someone with a word which speaks truth about how God sees some one or what God is producing in their character. You are compassionate. It has creative power to bring compassion to life.. Don’t' invent it – jet speak what you see with the eyes of faith. Try it. It is serious fun.