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One Thing At a Time

I am fast learning that a company is a bit like a family home or a rambling garden. There are endless things that seemed to need correcting at any one time.

But I am also realising that if you try to focus on more than one thing at a time you become quickly overwhelmed and soon demoralised.

As a recovering perfectionist the hardest thing for me is to leave things imperfect and live with the consequences of that imperfection for a while until I can get round to sorting it out. Someone once called it "Living with Loose Threads".

I believe that it's fear that drives us to correct everything at once and only through faith in the security of the bigger picture and by listening to the Holy Spirit can you be guided to the one thing that needs your undivided attention-now!

The picture that comes to mind is trying to put up a marquee in a wind. Everything and everyone is flapping around you but actually there is a clear order or sequence of events that must be followed to get the thing up and secure.

I found these words the other day on the Internet.

"Do not let fear so override your faith that you are tempted to seize control".