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We owe it to our hairdresser to have a holiday! Hairdressers rely on our holidays to engage with us while they snip our hair into shape. 'Are you having a holiday this year?' 'Have you got anything planned for this summer?'

Holidays are not just about doing something different, but being refreshed, being restored and laying claim to that bit of ourselves that we thought we had lost. Sometimes we know that even a holiday is not quite enough, we need a deep inner resource that only the Holy Spirit can bring. The call of the prophet is a call to be refreshed. ISAIAH 55:1 'Come all you who are thirsty, come to the waters.'

Desert experiences are common to us all. Sometimes we do simply need a break, a holiday to bring us alive again, or a retreat day away. But other times it is the ministry of others who bring a word, pray for us or bless us in some other way we were not expecting, that will draw us out of the desert.

As a dedicated gardener I respect the fact, that totally uninitiated by me God sends rain to water my plants. The coming of rain is unpredictable in this country and there is nothing I can do to hasten it coming or stop it when it pours relentlessly. Sometimes I just need to wait.

But there are drought times when I have to fill my watering can to provide what my plants need. If I do not do this following days of intense sunshine, they will simply wilt and ultimately die. Water is essential to their health and growth.

By creating time and space for our own personal refreshment and renewal we can come alive spiritually, but there are times when we need others to fill their watering cans to bring us what we need. They have what I call a 'Heineken anointing!' Their ministry has a far reaching affect bringing life and growth. It will always be remembered.