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CBC Words of Wisdom

Words of wisdom from inspirational people in the christian community.

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David Pytches Margaret Knight

Just three miles from home is my favourite and most frequent walk across the top of the Chess Valley. The view along the valley is stunningly beautiful and the place is tranquil. As I stroll along I feel an inner peace steal over me. I walk to a place where I can view a wooden cross in a field that leads down to the river. There I stand to contemplate and pray, conscious of the place of the cross in my life. It is central, foundational and pivotal.

On a cross Jesus died for me. On that cross He took my sin onto Himself. On that cross He forgave me. On that cross Jesus connected me to Father God. This I know and I am so thankful.

In the winter when there were no leaves on the trees around, the cross was stark and clearly visible. But in the spring my view of the cross was obscured by the full foliage of the trees. I hastened my step to get to where I could see it clearly, and into my mind came the words, ‘If you cannot see the cross move to where you can.’