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Loosing to Gain

We recently moved house to an apartment, which was a good bit smaller than we had been used to. Consequently we had to downsize. Over the years I have collected many books - all of which I have valued. But where were they going to go? My wife was adamant that we couldn’t take them all. So I began to sort them and little by little began to put ones aside that I thought I could live withouth. I changed my mind several times but eventually I had to make my final decision. I was able to find a good home for them and the fatal day arrived when this very grateful lady came to cart them away. As she drew away with the back of her van loaded with my books I felt as if I was saying goodbye to my best friends. It was the hardest part of the move.

Seeing so many of our things disappearing in this way was more difficult than I could ever have imagined. Not only that but we also had to say goodbye to a lovely garden. I loved to look out of the window and admire the changing colours as the seasons, and watch the robins and goldfinches. I knew the move was the right one and we had a lovely new home to look forward to but it was emotionally costly.

As I reflected on what appeared, at the time, to be a sacrifice I was reminded of the Rich Young Ruler in Marks gospel. Jesus met him and challenged him to sell all that he had and give to the poor and then to follow him. The Young man went away sadly because he was very rich, and couldn’t face the sacrifice of being without his wealth. He must have known that to follow Jesus would have been a wonderful experience, but it meant moving into the unknown for him, and none of us find that easy. The poor young man missed, not only the adventure of a life time, but the opportunity to see history in the making. And beside all that he would lose an eternity spent with Jesus.

How easy it is to miss God’s best because we fear the challenge, the sacrifice and the insecurity of not knowing what lies ahead. Our moved turned out to be for the best, indeed much better than we could have hoped for. Thanks be to God