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Business and the saints of God

First we need to define business.

In fact we are all engaged in the business of life. We all work at obtaining an income, and balancing our spending, to live within a budget determined by our income.

Some of us do this business by obtaining our income by working for someone else.

And some of us have created our own means of obtaining an income by setting up a business engine. The components of the engine usually consists of the organising, and presenting of specific articles or services to a known customer base, at a competitive price.

As Christians we must realise that what we might consider as our general goals for obtaining an income, for example; getting a home, a car, having holidays, paying for our standard of living, even the food we eat, our tithes and gifts.

Are in fact the fruit of our work! and should not be ( from a biblical point of view) the reason ( the foundation) of why we work and do business.

The bible talks a lot about the root or the source of the fruit, being even more important than the fruit. We know that if the root is good, then the fruit will also be good. If we read Matthew 12:34- 35 we see Jesus teaching the religious leaders about this profound truth of the kingdom.

"You brood of vipers how can you who are evil say anything good. For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks.

The good man bring forth the good that is in his heart. The evil man brings forth the evil that is in his heart"

The root Jesus is talking about in this passage, are the motives of the leaders for their words and actions.

And it is the same for us lining up our motives for what we say and do, with the word of God is very important for our spiritual growth and for the success of our business.

Once our motives are right, we actually move into his divine plan for our source of income. As our heart lines up with his heart, our desires line up with the activity of the kingdom of heaven on earth. And we start to work with the blessing of heaven on and in what we do. "Somebody shout Alleluia!

Wow slow down Bryan! Let's back up a bit.

So if the things I work for are the fruit of my work! what is the root of my work?

We work because we are made in Gods image, and he is a worker. So we are designed and assigned to work to fulfil our destiny. The reason we were created was to work, just as our creator has worked and is always working.

Work is not a curse, Adam worked before the fall. Jesus was a business man running a carpenters business before the start of his public ministry.

Work is a blessing, we are all made mini creators, just like our Father in heaven. We can image some new product for example, and design it, (even put the idea on paper) And we can actually make it ! From Idea to manufacture, amazing.

And we are the only ones of Gods whole creation that can do such amazing things. Why ? because we are made in his image!

I think the Creation plan was in Gods head first as an idea, and that as he made the cosmos, he was working to that plan in his head.

I wonder if the heavenly hosts gasped as the creation was unveiled a step at a time. Notice how God worked in a very methodical way. Taking six days to finish the job. We could say that each day had a work schedule and goal.

If we were made a motor car, we would expect to spend our lives driving around on roads. Or a kettle, we would expect to spend our lives boiling water.

So we are made mini creators, and should expect to use physical and mental effort to do our daily business.

In fact that is our destiny, to work, and so prosper body soul and spirit 3 John 2 Beloved I pray that you will proper in all things, and be in good health as your soul prospers"