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As a Christian business owner running a business strategy and management consultancy I've been blessed with, I used to think that starting running and growing the business was down to my business acumen, skills, knowledge and experience but never gave a second thought to God ever being involved or even wanting to get involved in the first place. I always felt that business was a level playing field that had nothing to do with God but I couldn't be further from the truth.

A few months ago, I read Proverbs 3:5-7 and the Holy Spirit revealed to me that none of my expertise, experience, knowledge or strategies could make me or the business more successful unless I did 4 things:

1. Trusted him with all my heart
2. Not lean on my own understanding
3. Acknowledge Him in all my ways
4. Not be wise in my own eyes

Having an excellent product, business plan, marketing strategy, staff and the budget to do it all is all go but none of it can bring a single pound in sales. Only divine favour can accomplish that and that's why we need to let God into our businesses.

If you think things are really going well now, wait till he starts revealing deep and powerful insights to you not to mention opening doors of opportunities. Let the master strategist in and I can assure you'll never regret it.